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Skip Weymouth has contributed a letter written by his father, Clark Weymouth, '26, about the origin of the Barbary Coast Orchestra. Clark writes: "The Coast made its first bow at Junior Prom in May, 1920. The "show-stopper" was "Underworld (J. Wm. Jr. '21) Embree and his Barbary Coast Five." Bill Embree is the authority for this evidence. His specialty act was supported by the Coast members: Homer J. Cleary '21, piano; Alonzo G. Curtis '22, trumpet; Donald M. Sample '21, saxophone; Paul S. Sample '20, saxophone; William E. Terry '21, drums."

The brochure pictured above has a photo inside showing 10 musicians, and claiming that 1919 was the year. Does anybody else have some information on this?

The Barbary Coast Orchestra
the Green Collegians

of Dartmouth College

The purpose of this website is to provide a forum for present and past members of both bands to exchange photos and reminiscences about the band, its music, its travels, and the good times we had.

The image at the left is the cover of the brochure from 1951.

We have a new contribution to the history of the Barbary Coast Orchestra by Jack Gilbert, '34. Please go to Coast1932-34 for a narrative and photos.

And, another contribution in the form of record labels of the Coast from 1926 and 1940 with some personnel information by Jim Baldwin. Please click on Barbary Coast Records

Click on the name Green Collegians to go to its page. Two jazz concert programs are on a separate page, so is information about the Sultans, and there are miscellaneous notes on the next six pages about Dartmouth-related jazz, including a photo of Dave Cook's band at his 15th reunion in 1971.

Speaking of Dave Cook, the July 1999 issue of The Mississippi Rag had a great review of a new CD, a reissue of a Dartmouth Indian Chiefs LP titled "CHIEFLY JAZZ: THE (DARTMOUTH) INDIAN CHIEFS, 1956-1957," that includes current notes by Dave. The reissue was by Pete Bullis of the New Black Eagle Jazz Band. To read the review (and order the CD), click here.

The sad news of Rusty Jackman's death in June 1999 has prompted me to post some personal memorabilia of Rusty/Strap on a separate page (click on Rusty. Additions to this page are welcome.

We had a wonderful reunion of Dartmouth jazz musicians from the early '50s in June 1999. For photos, see Reunion99. And, four years later, we just did it again in 2003. Check out the latest Reunion2003 page.

I've put some links to other Dartmouth and jazz-related sites at the bottom of the following page.

Contributions to this site are welcome. Send photos or text to Jim Wheaton, 2nd trumpet 1950-1952.

Jack Morgan just sent me a notice of the death of Jack English, from the Boston Globe on March 16, 2003. Click here to read the obituary--it's really interesting. Jack is in the photo of the band at the top of the next page. I didn't know Jack at Dartmouth (I arrived just after he left), but I met him a few years ago in Orleans, MA, when I sat in with Jon Wheatley and Mark Pucci.

Walt Grevatt also died recently, and I think there was a notice in the Alumni Magazine.

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