Two Barbary Coast Record Labels, 1926 and 1940

Jim Baldwin, who lives somewhere south of Hanover, is a record collector and has two from the Barbary Coast. Here is the first, dated November 27, 1926:

Baldwin lists the personnel as: Russ Goudy: cl, as, bar, dir.; Keith Preston: tp; John Hahn: tp; Howard Berg: tb; Cliff Randall: cl, as; Bob Slater: cl, ts; Phil Thompson: piano; Chuck Peabody: banjo; George Kennedy: bb; Lewis Beers: drums.

He also notes the following Barbary Coast records listed in the book Jazz and Ragtime Records: 1897-1942 by Rust, Brian. They are

  • 1924 - Columbia 27-P
  • 1925 - Columbia 72-P
  • 1928 - Brunswick unissued
  • 1935 - Decca 501
The second record is Indian 111 from 1940. Here is the A-side:

The label information is:

Jones & Kahn       Arr. by Tosi & Raffman
Arr. by Tosi & Raffman

D. Toan (Tosi??), J. Kipe -- as
J. Bartemus, A. Boyd -- ts
R. Leske, L. Chapman, S. Barnes -- tp
R. Rainie -- tb
R. Raffman -- p
D. Niven -- d
G. Cruze -- b

Recorded by Music & Recording Studio
Hanover, NY
Copyright 1940

I already had found some information about Relly Raffman that is on Page 6 of the general sequence. Side B of this record is "St. Louis Blues."

I'm always glad to have contributions such as this to the history of the Barbary Coast Orchestra. Keep your eyes open out there!

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