On June 13 - 16, 1999, a number of Dartmouth jazz musians gathered at the Sumner Mansion in Hartland, VT, in connection with the 45th reunion of the Class of '54.

Attending were:

  • Bob Lonsbury, '53, clarinet
  • Bob Poor, '53, bass
  • Mike Biggs, '54, piano
  • Mike Payson, '54, drums
  • Ron Dunton, '54, trombone
  • Jim Wheaton, '53, valve trombone
  • Ham Carson (UPenn), sax, clarinet
  • Walt Grevatt, '51, bass
  • Tom Ruggles, '50, drums
  • Ron Thorburn, '51, piano and host

  • This page is a collection of some of the many photos taken of the occasion.

    The Great Dartmouth Jazz Reunion of 1999

    The Sumner Mansion

    Hartland, VT

    Sumner Mansion
    Ron and Mary Louise Thorburn Left: Our wonderful hosts, Ron and Mary Louise Thorburn of the Sumner Mansion, Hartland VT. 

    Ron led the Green Collegians in 1951.

    Below: the Happy Acres Band from 1951, missing only Rusty Jackman. From left to right, Thorburn, Poor, Wheaton, Payson, Carson. (See "Green Collegians" page.)

    The Happy Acres Band, 48 years later
    Thorburn and Biggs at the Steinway and Chickering.
    Thorburn and Biggs at the keyboards
    Lonsbury and Carson
    Bob Lonsbury must have played a really good note. Ham Carson plays jazz every Thursday night at the New Orleans Restaurant in Seattle and has produced two wonderful CDs. Check out Ham's website.
    Thorburn, Lonsbury, and Payson doing their thing... Thorburn, Lonsbury, Payson
    Tom Ruggles, happily playing drums. Another veteran of the Green Collegians and Winter Carnival jazz concerts, Tom plays banjo in the Clambake Five, and directs the "Singing Doughboys" in Concord, Mass.

    Bob Poor at the bass.

    Bob Poor at the bass

    Ham Carson and Walt Grevatt.
    Carson and Grevatt
    Page and photos by Jim Wheaton. Created June 19, 1999.