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Paul Simel, '51 sent me these photos from the 1949 Aegis. The original caption seems to be missing the name of the trumpet player on the far right (leader Ed Curtis?) and one of the trombone players (John Dunklee?). Names on the photo caption are: (trumpets) Morgan, Knudson, Howard, (Curtis?); (drums) Sarokin (bass) MacDonald; (trombones) Ambrose, Foote, DeGroff, (Dunklee?); (saxophones) Shepherd, Cook, Simel, Levinthal, Mathes; (piano) English; (vocalist) Pat Thomas. And here are the leaders and the saxophone section:

And this is the text from the 1949 Aegis.
Thanks again, Paul, for sharing those good times with us.
This might be the place to share some info from Jack Morgan, by way of a copy of an email to Paul Simel:

"After leaving Dartmouth in 1953, I tried the bebop route in Boston, for $58 a week. Played with some fantastic people; Herb Pomeroy, Serge Chaloff, Charlie Mariano, legendary Dick Twardzik, and others. Quit it in mid-1953. Became a headmaster in 197l and returned to Harwich in 1992. Played flugelhorn, vibraphone, and trumpet before that time. The only connection I have with jazz now is through my ever increasing collection of bebop LP's, CD's and 78's. My latest auction 78's are mementos of1948 Hanover: Chubby Jackson's "Crown Pilots", and "Boomsie", first heard by me in Roger's and Cookie's dorm room in No. Mass."

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