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Tom Ruggles sent me this photo of the Coast of 1950. I know the date, because the leader at right is Tony Ambrose, '50, and I was playing was my freshman year. Others I can identify are trumpets: George Howard, Wheaton, Chuck Knudson, Bill Hovey; trombones: Dunklee?, ??, Walsh?, Rand?; saxophones: Jack Bethel, Wayne Keller?, Paul Simel, Shepherd, Roger Mathes; drums: Lee Sarokin; bass: Tom Wilson; piano, Dick Lezius; leader, Tony Ambrose.

Please help with these identifications...(thanks, Jack Morgan)

The Barbary Coast Orchestra of 1951

The Barbary Coast Orchestra, 1951
The Trumpet Section: Charlie Clough, Bill Hovey, Jim Wheaton, George Howard (another photo shows Dick Miller replacing Charlie Clough)
The Trombone Section: Bill Murane, Bruce Matheson, Fred Walsh, Don Rand (Fr. Horn)
The Saxophone Section: Pete Barker, Bill Farnham, Paul Simel, Wayne Keller, Jack Bethel
The Rhythm Section: Mike Payson, Tom Wilson, Skip Weymouth
Leader: Chuck Knudson

(Note: many thanks to Skip Weymouth for supplying this new photo)

And here's the trumpet section: Wheaton, Clough, Knudson, Howard, Hovey

The Trumpet Section, 1951

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